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The correct installation of fireplaces, pipes and fireplaces is essential for both safety and efficiency. A successful installation ensures that the fire burns evenly and efficiently, while the smoke and gases are safely carried out of the home. It is important to have thorough knowledge of building regulations, fire safety and specific requirements for the chosen fireplace or chimney. A professional installation team will have the expertise to ensure that the fireplace or chimney is installed correctly, with correct sealing, flues and ventilation. They take into account all necessary details and ensure that the installation complies with all regulations and provisions.


Even the best fireplaces, chimneys and hearths can require repair from time to time. Repairs may include replacing broken bricks, sealing leaks, replacing flues or installing new combustion chambers. Skilled repair personnel must be able to identify problems and perform the necessary repairs to restore the functionality of the fireplace or chimney. They take the time to thoroughly inspect, diagnose and find solutions to solve the problem.

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