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Shipping conditions


Normally, you get the goods delivered via our partners by van delivered on a fixed surface such as a pavement/courtyard, 5-21 days after we have registered your payment. The delivery time is subject to our suppliers having the goods in stock.

Shipping to Hyttefelt will be by agreement from NOK 2,500.


Our fixed SHIPPING PRICE before zone and weight surcharge NOK 1,095


Supplement A + NOK 1,095

35-199kg (A)

Supplement A+B+ NOK 1095

200-500kg ( B )

0 1499 0 NOK 450
2299 NOK 50 NOK 450
2300 2999 NOK 150 NOK 450
3000 3999 NOK 350 NOK 650
4000 4999 NOK 450 NOK 850
5000 5999 NOK 450 NOK 850
6000 6999 NOK 450 NOK 850
7000 7499 NOK 450 NOK 850
7500 8999 NOK 950 NOK 1250
9000 9499 NOK 950 NOK 1250
9500 9999 NOK 1250 NOK 1450

0-10 kg NOK 236
10-25 kg NOK 270
25-35 kg NOK 380

Small packages under 35 kg are sent with Norgespakke. Parcels can usually be picked up at the post office 2-3 days after we have received your payment. The post office will let you know when the package can be collected. You have two weeks to collect your parcel at your nearest post office. If you don't, it will be returned to us. These are Posten's regulations. In addition, you will be invoiced for shipping costs.

When you receive an item, you as a customer have a duty to investigate the item. If there is visible transport damage, the driver must be asked to take the item back with him. Any damage to the product must be reported within 24 hours of receipt (the driver has driven) to us or the shipping company in order to have the opportunity to be compensated for damage from Peisbutikken AS, Shipping Company or Manufacturer of the item. Damage is reported to

Posten has introduced a separate fee for parcels sent to Svalbard. For this reason, every order to Svalbard is charged with this fee of NOK 218.


When paying by invoice, we work with Svea Finans NUF. To pay by invoice, you must enter your social security number or organization number, a credit check will then be carried out. The prerequisite for paying by invoice is, among other things, that you are registered in Norway and over 18 years of age. You cannot have any payment notes. All invoices have been transferred to Svea Finans NUF's property, and release payment must only be made to Svea Finans NUF. The invoice's payment terms are 14 days. In case of late payment, a reminder fee and late payment interest will be charged. In the event of non-payment, the invoice will be handed over to debt collection.
Partial payment:
Through our collaboration with Svea Finans NUF, you can take out an account credit agreement and thus pay in installments for your purchase. You choose the credit period by ticking the campaign option that suits you. The purchase can always be paid in full at any time, within the due date. To pay by instalments, you must enter your social security number, a credit check will then be carried out. The prerequisite for partial payment is, among other things, that you are registered as a citizen in Norway and over 18 years of age. You cannot have payment notes. Example of effective interest rate for a purchase of NOK 4,500, duration 12 months, 6.95% interest, establishment fee NOK 295, term fee NOK 35: 43.78%. Total cost 5,386.
If you have chosen a collection fee, the fee will be added to the invoice amount.

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