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Installation of large stakes

Mounting a large insert is a job that can take 1-3 days for 2 fitters.

We recommend that anyone who wants to install a large insert to contact the sales staff in store to get answers to the various options that appear when installing larger inserts.

The starting price before options applies to inserts fitted to Brick or Elementpipe/Leca and fitted with fire wall panels (purchased as an add-on) without the wood niche, only glued, ready for troweling. It is also possible to have the fireplace plastered in 2 coats, and then keep it as it is in a concrete look. It can then be painted in the desired colour. (We do not deliver malt)
If there is a need for a lift when bringing it in, this is added.
Materials, firewall boards, siporex, pipes, valves and consumables are added.
In some cases where we cannot price based solely on pictures and explanations, a fitter will go out for an inspection to ensure the quality of the offer before installation.
This service is currently only available in Oslo, Akershus, Østfold and parts of Buskerud.
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